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Expungement Lawyer Indianapolis

Expungement lawyer Indianapolis can help you get your criminal record sealed or removed. There are several reasons for expungement including a successful lawsuit, clearing one’s name of criminal charges, or simply wanting to remove a criminal record from your file. Regardless of the reason, if done improperly, the expungement process can be very complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

Find an Expungement Lawyer Indianapolis

To start, you will need to find an Indianapolis expungement lawyer. Most expungement requests are denied, and you will not find an Indianapolis attorney who will help you obtain an expungement. This is because there are some specific laws regarding expungement and Indianapolis criminal defense law firms are not qualified to help you with this legal issue. An expungement attorney Indianapolis who is trained in criminal law is needed in order to properly guide you through the expungement request process.

Benefits of an Expungement

Having a criminal record due to a criminal offense can more than negatively impact a person’s life. Having a criminal record can be a barrier to:

  • Securing employment
  • Housing
  • Professional licenses

Due to the fact that most employers and landlords now conduct background checks on applicants as a matter of routine, applications for professional licenses, and access to government benefit payments, usually require information about an applicant’s criminal history.

Begin Your Expungement Petition

Once you have located an Indianapolis expungement lawyer, they will begin working on your case. In most cases, they will begin working with you by making phone calls to the Indiana State Police to get a copy of your police record. They then will file a petition in the county of your criminal conviction.  According to the Indiana Second Chance law, there are several requirements that determine if the criminal records can be removed or wiped clean. If criminal records can be expunged under the Indiana expungement law, then the expungement request will be approved.

How Long Does An Expungement Take

The process of expungement can be a long one. The Indiana State Court requires that certain procedures be followed in order to have records expunged. If you do not follow the law, then the expunged items will remain in your file for up to 10 years. If you wish to have the records expunged, an Indianapolis expungement attorney must be hired. If you do not hire one, then the expungement request will be denied.


There are strict rules that must be followed if you wish your records to be expunged. An attorney who specializes in expungement requests will know what needs to be done.


In addition to making sure that the expungement request is valid, a good Indianapolis expungement attorney will also make sure that it is not personally confidential. It is true that Indiana allows you to expunge your own records, but it is possible to have documents sealed. This can make a difference if you are applying for employment or trying to rent an apartment. When an expungement lawyer is hired, you will have peace of mind that your background record has been sealed in accordance with Indiana law.

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